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It is said that the American dream is home ownership. But the American economy has changed so much, people are forced to think more about credit repair than anything else right now. While there is usually more to life than home ownership and how to learn about credit repair, it is hard to believe that so many people are at risk with their credit. 

In fact, so many have bad credit reports despite their best efforts to stay ahead of the game, and feel that home ownership is out of the question for them. If you are one of these people, take some time to learn about credit repair so that you can have a place to call your own, buy a car, or just have some peace of mind. Going online for answers is a great place to start when you are learning about credit repair services you can trust.

Similarly, the online marketing business has changed. What used to work just does not work like it did before the economic downturn. If you are a business owner, business credit repair is critical to get your business back up and running. It is important not to let the market get you down if you want to recover from debt through credit repair. Some people have homes that have lost half of their value. Others cannot sell their car or truck. The good news is that this climate will recover, just like you can recover. The important step right now is to learn about credit repair as much as you can so you can take the necessary steps to personally recover. In order to make those major purchases when the time is right, you must go through the steps of credit repair so you are ready when the time is right. So, you have to know about credit repair now, so that later the home or car you want are within reach. 

Your credit is a history of what you have paid, and what you have not paid. There are many that have a bad credit rating simply because they have gone through an illness. Though some lenders are more forgiving when it seems all you owe are back medical bills, lenders won't give you a loan if your credit score is under a certain number no matter what your issues may have been. A general guideline right now is 620 at a bare minimum, but each lender has their own set of standards. You have to know about credit repair to get your number above that if that is your main problem. And if you looking into business credit repair, the scoring may be slightly different. 

One thing to know about credit repair is that you have to pay off those old bills. Know your state's statute of limitations. Your oldest bills may fall off your report soon, so concentrate on the newer ones. Just one late payment sent to collections can knock a hundred points off your score if you started out high. Take your latest collection accounts and pay them off as soon as you can and work your way backwards. Avoid settlement amounts if you can. Paid in full is the best listing you can have.

Another thing to know about credit repair is that you want to pay down high interest rate credit cards. Having one or two cards that are up to date and not maxed out helps your credit, but having a ton of them that are topped out can hurt. You need good credit as well as a clean record of paying off your debts. Revolving credit looks good as long as it is not a high percentage of your income. Business credit repair will not hurt your reputation either, so move forward on that. Talk with a mortgage broker about your options, what you can change, and what you should do about credit repair activities to help you in the longrun.  

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