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Email based marketing is a type of direct marketing strategy that is used to communicate fundraising or commercial messages. Many firms have an email direct mailing campaign and gather email addresses from its shoppers, supporters, or clients. In the last presidential election every candidate had an email marketing campaign.

The first step in developing an email direct marketing campaign is to create a database of thousands – even millions – of users. Once the database is created, they must be imported into an eBlast provider, or email blast as they say. Some of them are WebTrafficMarketing, FuseMail, VerticalResponse, or Campaigner. Each email blast provider service offers unique pricing plans and features that are different.

The next step is to design your email based marketing documents. Each eBlast should use the same style and template. You can have a number of different eBlast templates. Examples of the various eBlasts include product launches, scheduled newsletters (i.e. weekly, monthly, and quarterly), tour schedules, letters from the CEO, etc. Each blast can be targeted to a specific demographic within your database. For example, if your band is touring in California, send the eBlast only to those who have California addresses.

One of the top reviewed recommended email based marketing service is Web Traffic They are absolutely the best when it comes to offering instant daily access to one of the largest legitimate bulk email databases available to online marketers today! Their business email marketing tools beat the competition hands down.

Web Traffic Marketing has done all the work for you. They make it really easy so that your message instantly goes out to nearly 3 million people through their bulk email server. The video tutorial makes the process of creating your message simple and intuitive. The result is a rich, HTML layout with graphics. Once you're a member, you'll be ready to launch your first bulk email marketing campaign in just minutes! Even though our site is not a member and do not benefit from their memberships in any way, we support their affiliate program as a partner in recommending them. So, give them a try and see what you think.


Certain aspects of your campaign need to be decided before production. Having an eBlast schedule is important. Determining how often you will send out newsletters should be a part of your email based marketing strategy as well. The issue of “what is too much” is a common debate in the realm of email marketing. Users who feel they are bombarded will remove themselves from your list, while users who do not receive enough updates will forget about your product or service.

Never send more than one or two messages per week to the same person. The key is to use targeted demographics. Do not send a 75 year old man a press release about your new fat burner miracle pill. Collecting demographics is fairly easy, and you should make note of each user’s relative age and location. It all depends on the services and products you provide.

Depending on the size of your company and financial restraints you can hire third parties to execute your entire email marketing campaign. Once everything is setup it is quite easy to maintain, and requires little technical knowledge. You can even send eBlasts for free using your own email provider. If you are sending more than one type of eBlast or when your mailing list reaches in excess of 300 people it is time to consider an email managed solution.

Services such as Web Traffic Marketing can ensure you are receiving an investment from your email marketing efforts. For example, they can tell you how many people open the message, click on links, visit your Web site, or even buy your product after reading the message. They also tell you how many delete the message, and how often your eBlasts are placed in junk email folders.

You also must decide in what format or form to send your email messages in, such as HTML or plain text. Email services can decide, based on ISP, what format to send the message in. It also allows users to select their own preference.

No matter which email service you select or how you decide to use an email marketing service, one thing is for based marketing is here to stay. It is the most mainstream part of the internet today. email direct marketing users today rely on the information and ease of communication it offers.

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