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Marketing Email Advertising Online

by L. Whitson

Avoiding the horrible stigma of spamming: 


Marketing email advertising online is a sensitive subject! Just about everyone is aware of how devastating spamming can be to your online reputation. Let's say you're selling the most wonderful service that millions of people want. Your service is publising or graphic design and you're very talented. You cannot simply send out a thousand unsolicited emails to people and businesses who might want your service. You could lose your service provider or your email account may be closed. Your hosting provider may even deny you service. All of your hard work has gone to .... for nothing. So how are you supposed to drum up any meaningful business?

There are several ways of marketing email advertising online which are not frowned upon in the internet community. And, that can give you great email exposure without earning you a reputation as an email spammer, or worse. Let's take a look at how you can be legitimate and successful, marketing email advertising online as soon as possible.

If you don't have a free e-mail newsletter right now available for your site visitors, start putting one together now! You can hire someone to do it for you, or you can publish it yourself. Look online for the dozens of free tutorials for creating your email newsletter, complete with templates as well as the information you need on auto-responders and everything.

When you're ready to publish, advertise your free e-newsletter on every page of your site. This will give you tremendous exposure. If your visitor considers your website valuable to their purpose or business, they'll sign up. They look for what you have to offer. The rules on marketing email advertising online require acceptance from your potential recipients. The reader must request your e-newsletter, or opt-in.


Your e-newsletter must, of course, contain valuable information and links to more valuable information. However, you are also permitted to insert advertising within your content and regular features, but don't overdo this. Readers don't like to be "sold" to. Your advertising should be highly targeted to your reader. In the case of the graphic designer, perhaps your current issue contains a feature story on the effectiveness of logo design or even a free giveaway.

Construct a small group of leads which your reader may find of use, such as a print or an e-book on branding. Or, find a related product or service which doesn't compete with you, and use that for your reader to ponder over. This strategy of marketing email advertising online keeps your readers interested in what you have to offer while you can earn commissions at the same time. This strategy also builds your readership. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool. It doesn't even have the slightest hint of spamming!

Now that you've got your own e-newsletter going, it's time to branch out to other readers that are not in your own customer base. Offer your feature e-newsletter articles to other related e-newsletters. You'll be giving your articles away for free, but in exchange, you get a byline or advertising spot that has a link to your site! You may have noticed that all of this marketing email advertising online costs you nothing, except for the time and energy you spend or invest in searching out resources or writing an article. When you contact the owners of other sites, be discriminating. Choose those of high quality and large readerships, for the best exposure.

Marketing email advertising online is easy. Know your customer's needs and target those reader audiences. Be as specific as possible.

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