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How I Managed To Get Free Website Traffic in Days ...

...without spending a dime on Pay Per Click to get traffic to my pages.

My name is Jennifer Clark and the first thing I will tell you is... I am not an internet millionaire.

I'm not an expert on how to make gazillions of dollars marketing products on the internet either. I didn't finish college and don't have a degree in anything at all. In fact, all I can say I do know is that .....

I Know How To Follow 3 Easy Steps to Quickly Build Money Making
Web Pages In A Very Easy Way!

I know this because I did it.

My Picture

Let me tell you, not long ago, I was working a full-time job making almost $100k a year plus benefits. My company began cutting back and I could see the writing on the wall. Not long after that, it was my turn to get the pink slip. My ten years of seniority was not enough to keep me on, so I joined the millions of Americans without work. 

Now I have to tell you. It doesn't take long to be out of work before the bills start piling up. My husband works long hours in the auto mechanic business, so losing my income hit us hard. Our 3yr old daughter was in childcare, so at least I can enjoy spending my time with her. That saved quite a bit, yet it wasn't enough.  

It Kept Getting Worse And I Was Beginning To Worry

I put out tons of resumes for work outside the home. Without many skills though, it was hard for me to compete. I got a few interviews, but nothing came of it. We didn't have enough to open a flower shop or restaurant or anything like that. I even thought about an internet cafe for website access, coffee, and social networking. And, my parents are barely making it on their part-time stuff and social security.

I was concerned with how to pay the bills, so I had two garage sales to make some money. Then, I posted some collectibles online to sell and that took care of the car payment for a little while. We had a little savings, so we were ok on the mortgage for several months.

Five months later .... we were running out of options. My husband took on extra work to get us by.

So, I turned to the internet for useful ideas on any kind of way to make money online. I had heard that it was easy to do that, yet knew nothing about the first thing to do. I started reading everything I could about how to make a website. Hours would slip by before I would realize what time it was. I found myself absorbed in following one link after another in search of quick answers.

I had read that for a page to be profitable, I had to have website traffic coming to my site from the search engines. I knew I would figure it out eventually, and getting website traffic sounded so easy. This was all still so new to me.

Many Marketers Claimed They Made $103k In 6 Months.... Others $1,000 Per Day....And Some
Even Boasted I Could Make $100k In One Month Starting Within 15 Minutes!

Now I don't know about you... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that sounds too good to be true!

....Because I was near desperation, I kept on reading.... keeping my feet on the ground of course! I tried mini-site lessons, signed up for every free newsletter, and was on tons of email lists and blogs. I read forums to learn as much as possible without spending anything.

I eventually broke down and got software so I could actually build a website with what I had learned on my own. It got easier, but I struggled with the technical stuff. I got pretty good at publishing web pages, only was hard to find content that would get any descent website traffic to my pages. I couldn't afford any keyword research software, so I just had to guess at what people were looking for. I put AdSense on my pages hoping for some kind of income. All I was getting was a few cents per day though.

I signed up for Michael Campbell's newsletter. I got every freeby known from Jim Edwards, Michael Cheney, and Perry Marshall. Eventually though, they all wanted me to sign up to buy something. As bad as I knew I wanted it, we could not affort it. So, I would move on to another email address and search Google and Yahoo for meaningful support.

Then, An Email Made It "Happen" For Me 

With what seemed a very long email, I could see this may be worth checking out. In one of the Michael Campbell IMS newsletters I got every month, he was endorsing Mike Liebner's Article Website Traffic System at Article Underground. I had read about Article Marketing, but had not commited to any one method. So, I clicked on the link.... as long as I didn't get out the credit card, right?

After just a few days of trying Mike Liebner's formula, I was actually making money on the internet in the form of dollars instead of cents!

It turned out that this WAS the magic formula I had been looking for to build money making web pages in an easy and fast way! It was amazing how with very little effort, my site was indexed by Google within 3 to 4 days. Then, I started seeing more in my AdSense account because I was getting more website traffic than ever before. Before long, I was close to $100 per day! I couldn't believe that I finally had found what I was looking for. 

I Began Making Money Online With Website Traffic Almost Instantly!

To my complete surprise, by simply following 3 easy steps from the Article Underground Content & Traffic System, I was able to post their special money making articles with confidence to my web pages. I knew I was no longer wasting time wondering if the keywords would bring any visitors to my website or not. I saved hours and hours of time researching terms in Google just to find high paying keywords to put on my website. The articles I got from Article Underground had already been loaded up with just the right amount of rich keywords. So all I had to do was edit some to change them a little and publish. 

I got hundreds of articles to use any way I wanted! The topics were all researched to be top paying keywords, but were also in niche markets. That way there wasn't much competition. I was amazed at some of the keywords (also the titles) and how I never would have thought of them. Now I had a broad range of things to build sites about. Many of these articles were dense with keywords that paid upwards of $30 per click! Now that's a good payday when visitors clicked on the ads from those pages.

Then, I spent my time building more pages for my website... getting more links to get more website traffic to my pages with Mike Liebner's free blogs for members... and instant website traffic and rankings! I found that I was working smarter, not harder. I gained hours upon hours of time that now I could spend with my daughter. While I was away at the park with her, visitors would be finding my pages... and I was earning revenue instantly online!

Everyone Was Surprised

My husband couldn't believe it. He worked long hard hours and came home late every day, sometimes after 9pm. When he saw the money I was getting from Google, he was shocked. My paypal account was bulging with profit that we could use to pay our bills. We paid off everyone we had borrowed from to get us by. We stopped charging and cut up the credit card!

The long hours of being at the computer were finally paying off. Now I could pace myself and spend the time my daughter was napping on my web sites. But the rest of the day, I could actually enjoy playing with her, preparing homemade meals, and visiting my family. My husband has now been able to stick to a 40-hour week again.

Why I believe The Article Content and Traffic System Will Work For Anyone

Anyone who struggles on the internet to make money like I did knows it is not easy. So when I tell you that after trying dozens of self-taught tutorials and hours of intense SEO failures, that this really works, I mean it....

I am just a person of average smarts, so the internet world was challenging for me. Then, Article Underground changed all of that. The 3 steps to build a money making website page is so simple... and so easy. And the earnings start coming in quickly as soon as the website traffic finds my pages. It's like a snowball effect. So when I tell you I tried this, I know it will work for anyone out there struggling like I did. It's just a process that if you follow it, you can spend your time wisely.

Here Is What Is Important

Stop wasting time. Build pages. Get links. Make more money.

With 400 articles every month, you will have plenty of choices for those that fit your site and get the right website traffic. It is a good idea to edit some so that you won't be penalized for duplicate content. I like to put a little spin of my own to make the articles unique.

Article Underground is guaranteed to be all that Mike Liebner says it is. He commits his own time in the member forum with loads of helpful information. He personally moderates every post to keep problems out. Article Underground delivers articles for instant download right to your hard drive for instant website traffic. And, if you follow his formula to getting that website traffic, you will get more than the average free search engine traffic. So, now my plan is simple...

Build Pages for a website with Mike Liebner's strategies.... Get Links from the Article Underground blogs.... Make Money.

The last thing here is really important. I got in on Phase I, but Phase II is sold out, and now Phase III is going fast! Seriously, read it on Mike Liebner's Article Underground site if you don't believe me. There are also ways to save when you order, so look for his suggestions about that.

I AM Making Money Online Now!

I look back now at everything I have been through. If I knew then, what I know now.... All I can say, is I wish I had found the complete Article Underground Content & Traffic System much much sooner! I wish the best to anyone I can help because I have really benefited from this formula of getting website traffic and then money on the internet. I made sure to include my links to Article Underground so it will help me a little if you decide to sign up. That's how it works you know. So, thank you for reading my page and best regards.

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